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Being part of the LINK program and having Hanane as my mentor has given me a huge boost of confidence. This relationship is empowering, and has definitely helped me with understanding myself through healthy dialogue, trust and professional mentoring. During my mentoring sessions with her, she has been much more than a sounding board, listening objectively to my career plans and helping me organize my ideas clearly. On a day-to-day level, she has given me valuable feedback, and continues to share her wealth of experience and know-how in dealing with work place scenarios and challenges. These sessions keep me open minded towards new career prospects and opportunities for growth that I might have otherwise missed. Most importantly, Hanane’s mentorship style has encouraged me to finally begin trusting myself, take on difficult decisions positively and to take strategic risks. Talking about my career plans with her has helped me realize the type of artist/designer I want to be without conforming to a cookie cutter mold. My field of work is one that can become stagnant if creativity is lost, and calculated decisions are not taken at the right time. I’ve already started to see a shift in my approach towards my professional life and feel that the main change has been an inner one towards carving my own path.


Amal Al Beiti
First cohort of mentees who has since found a job doing what she loves


Being part of the Link mentoring initiative was nurturing and different from my previous mentoring experiences, the matching process played an instrumental role in the success of the relationship. When I met Amal for the first time, we immediately connected on many common traits, which helped establish the trust element, that is crucial in any mentoring relationship. We managed to maintain a steady contact and structured meetings, based on her personal goals, challenges and action plan. The training provided by the link and regular meetings contributed to reinforcing the mentoring relationship. It is very rewarding to engage in such an initiative, and feel that my experience and knowledge could be of benefit to assist a younger lady with her challenges in the work environment. The learning was mutual, Amal’s enthusiasm, determination and commitment were very inspiring and refreshing. I will definitely continue this relationship, and will be eager to enter a new mentoring relationship with the Link mentees.

Hanane Benkhallouk
One of our mentors who has a passion for helping women kickstart their careers


My mentor has proven to be such an empowering and refreshing person to turn to in times where I need a different perspective on a situation. She is a person that truly challenges my thinking which is great, tough but necessary for any person looking to evolve and grow professionally.
Being two high flying and career driven individuals then at times it was difficult to coordinate our schedule for us to meet in person but my mentor was fantastic and so flexible, we scheduled phone calls, Skype calls and instant messaged each other. She was very dedicated and enthusiastic to help, which was heartfelt.
Many times we discussed specific challenges and goals and under no circumstances did I leave without a plan of action. The tangible and direct feedback has been so useful and a perfect complement to the feedback and reviews I get from the company I work for. Many companies will focus on your KPIs and targets but very few will provide feedback on specific situations and your soft skills and quite frankly all individuals would benefit from having that type of feedback. The tips I have from her is something that I will carry with me a long time in my career.
The Link Mentoring introduced me to a great mentor and is an organization that selflessly empowers and promotes women. Many thanks!

Saana Azzam