THE LINK | Mentor Criteria

Mentor Criteria

Being a Mentor:

LINK Mentors are career women with 10+ years of experience who have a desire to help young women grow professionally.  They have experience in getting ahead in the professional world, coping with work/life balance and navigating career challenges. o They are established leaders, whether at work or within the community. They have held various positions, in different contexts and in general can relate to the issues confronting aspiring young women.

To be an effective mentor, you need to:

  1. Be credible
  2. Be a positive role model
  3. Have the desire to help
  4. Be motivated to continue developing and growing
  5. Provide a fresh perspective (non-judgmental)
  6. Share your experiences and insights
  7. Be willing to allocate approximately 4 hours a month to the mentoring relationship over the course of the one year mentoring program
  8. Stay accessible, committed, and engaged during the length of the program


Since The LINK is committed to making the best possible match, bear in mind that it may take us longer to find a suitable mentee for certain applicants.