THE LINK | Creating more inspiring female talent
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Welcome to THE LINK

Creating more inspiring female talent


he LINK is a mentoring initiative in the UAE that provides an active community platform where career women can find support to advance professionally. The LINK aims to empower women through learning & developmental initiatives, nurturing female talent and strengthening their leadership capacity.  In addition to its regular gatherings, The LINK connects graduating female university students and young professional women with a senior, experienced career woman as mentor.

Our vision is to have a generation of women with more confidence and leadership capacity to reach their goals and contribute to the growth of the UAE.

What makes THE LINK unique

  • The LINK offers women a safe space to explore and reflect on workplace challenges.
  • The LINK caters to women from all professional backgrounds and nationalities.
  • The LINK enables innovation through dialogue and exposure to fresh perspectives.
  • The LINK has a robust match-making process for an optimal mentorship experience.
  • The LINK’s regular gatherings promote the exchange of information and foster a close-knit community of female leaders

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